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Welcome to our Native American Adoption Homepage. This page has been created for parents and children who continue the struggle in searching for each other. We invite you to write your details and any information you have in the dreambook below......and to search through the dreambook for possible links to your heritage. Please contact us with any success stories so that we may add them to the page and give others hope. May hearts be reunited.

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Who’s face do I carry

Often sit and wonder that
very question. Whos’ face
do I carry? Do I have my
mothers smile or even my dad’s
laughter. Years have passed
and my adult years have taken
over. But the memories of
my childhood still sit on my mind
Who’s face do I carry?
Long nights...Mother can you
hear my cries. Can you possibly
be wondering on who I am.
Where have you gone now.
Do you wait up nights wondering
if the phone will ring with news
of my arrival. As I wait for yours.
Have you asked the very same
questions that haunt me.
Why mother, Have you gone.
Was it to better me. Or to better

By: TaraDawn

My Story

My name is TaraDawn, I was born on March 5th 1970. I'm Native American. Ever since I can remember, the questions have been asked. Who am I? Where do I come from? Why is the colour of my skin different from the ones that say they are my parents now? The ones that held me day after day. My Mother never hid the fact that I wasnt her natural child. That I did come from another. When I was younger my mother took me to the local Pow Wow's and tried to show me and help me understand my real heritage. She thought in the long run that this would help me understand that I was loved no matter what. She didnt want to take away the education and learning of who I am deep inside My mother today has told me stories of my beginning. I was put in a foster home at the age of one. For about a year, an eldery couple cared for me. Even was given a different name as to the one that I have today. After my first year a loving couple came along with interests of adopting a baby. Not only that they wanted to adopt a baby Indian girl. So the process began. Soon after I was taken to my new home. As I grew up my mother and father raised me with so much love. Then the questions began...But, unfortunately they couldnt be answered. And it was very hard for me growing up. Cause as I got older the differences were more obvious. But also at the same time my fears kicked in as well. Mostly my fear was.. Why was I given up? Why didnt my mother want to keep me? My Mother today tried to calm my fears by telling me that... Her resources were limited and wanted for me only to have a good life.. Something that she couldnt offer me then. So I lived with that. And somehow accepted that. But as the years went on.. It just wasnt enough for me. But my life started to change drastically and became busier. Traveled more and knowing who I was seemed so far back in my mind. I put off my questions and just moved on with the life I was use to. Today, I'm 28 years old and still dont have my questions answered. My own fault, Yes. I just put it off. Scared of the outcome that I never could control. It was about 8 years ago when I finally started the search. Wrote some letters to the adoption agencies in Wisconsin. But only coming up with dead ends. I have family members that have been conducting their own searches for me. But all seemed hopeless. So I just kept putting it off. And left everything behind. Wasnt until recently that I have been doing some more searches. But really not putting my heart in it..Why? Suddenly the change. Why now begin what could have been answered many years ago. Well today. I finally realized not knowing is hurting me more than what my fears tell me of what I could know...And so, The new day is born..And soon with high hopes of finding who brought me into this world. Maybe they didnt raise me..But they brought me here and for that. I am grateful...

The Dream Book is designed for entering information or conducting a search so we ask you to use this one. Thank you!

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